Answered By: Brandon Walker
Last Updated: Aug 29, 2016     Views: 187

This is a bug that occurs when trying to access certain secure web resources. Fortunately, the error can be easily bypassed. The solution depends on which web browser you are using to access our resources.

*Please note that you should only bypass this security error if you are certain the site you are trying to view is safe. Doing otherwise may expose personal information and put you at risk.*

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer displays a screen that says "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." Clicking the option "Continue to this website (not recommended)," will allow you to proceed.

Google Chrome

Chrome displays a screen that says "Your connection is not private." Clicking "Advanced" will reveal additional information, including an option to "Proceed to ... (unsafe)." You may need to scroll down a little to see this new option. Click the link and you will be allowed to proceed.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox presents a screen that says "This Connection is Untrusted." Click "I Understand the Risks" to reveal additional information. Click the button labeled "Add Exception..." A new screen will pop up entitled "Add Security Exception" which, at the top, informs you that "You are about to override how Firefox identifies this site." Click the button at the bottom of the screen entitled "Confirm Security Exception." You will then be allowed to proceed.